Portland Investment Counsel

Committed to the principles of disciplined long-term value investing, Portland Investment Counsel provides investment advisory and portfolio management services and products to individual private clients and to institutional investors across Canada, the U.S. and Caribbean, including foundations, universities and pension funds.

Website: http://www.portlandic.com

Investment Philosophy
Portland Investment Counsel is committed to meet the three primary objectives of investing:

  • Preserve investor principal;
  • Grow money at a good rate; and
  • Minimize the impact of taxes for investors.

Portland Investment Counsel does this by following a value investing philosophy:
  • They buy excellent companies in strong, long-term growth industries to preserve investor’s capital.
  • They seek to hold these investments for the long-term in order to grow investor capital at a superior rate of return relative to their peers and to the relevant market indices. In this way, investors’ capital can compound and taxes can be minimized.