Investment Advisory Services

Portland Private Equity

Based in Barbados, Portland Private Equity is a private equity fund management company currently focused on opportunities in the Caribbean region through its management of the AIC Caribbean Fund (ACF) and the Portland Caribbean Fund II (PCF). Building on Portland’s track record of successful investments throughout the Caribbean region, ACF is a $230M fund focused on medium-sized businesses. Companies in its portfolio do business in over 20 countries throughout the Caribbean, Central America, and Latin America. PCF is a $130M fund focused on making growth equity investments in high quality, scalable businesses as well as transactions in the infrastructure and essential asset sectors in the Caribbean Basin.


Mandeville Group of Companies

Leveraging their unique capabilities and extensive experience garnered as Owners, Operators and Investors in public and private equities, Mandeville offers its advisors and their clients a unique opportunity to invest in a way that is aligned with the most successful institutional investors.


Portland Investment Counsel

Committed to the principles of disciplined long-term value investing, Portland Investment Counsel provides investment advisory and portfolio management services and products to retail clients and institutional investors.


Investment Philosophy
Portland Investment Counsel is committed to meet the three primary objectives of investing:

  • Preserve investor principal;
  • Grow money at a good rate; and
  • Minimize the impact of taxes for investors.

Portland Investment Counsel does this by following a value investing philosophy:
  • They buy excellent companies in strong, long-term growth industries to preserve investor’s capital.
  • They seek to hold these investments for the long-term in order to grow investor capital at a superior rate of return relative to their peers and to the relevant market indices. In this way, investors’ capital can compound and taxes can be minimized.

National Commercial Bank Jamaica Limited

The National Commercial Bank Jamaica Limited has roots dating back to 1837, when it began operations under the name of the Colonial Bank of London (England). From one branch at Harbour Street, Kingston, the bank grew to 11 branches across the island by 1925. In 1925, the Colonial Bank together with two other banks, were acquired by Barclays Bank of London. The new organization was incorporated as Barclays Bank (Dominion Colonial and Overseas), which later became Barclays Bank D.C.O.

In 1975, Barclays Bank D.C.O. (through its successor company, Barclays Bank International Limited), transferred its Jamaican operation to a wholly owned subsidiary, Barclays Bank of Jamaica Limited.

August 1977, saw the Jamaican Government acquiring all the shares of Barclays Bank of Jamaica Limited and changing its name to National Commercial Bank Jamaica Limited (NCB). At that time, NCB had the second largest banking operation in the island with total assets of more that $236 million. Since 1978, NCB has had a strong record of growth and profitability. April 24, 1981 heralded the launching of the first Jamaican credit card "Keycard" and in 1983, NCB became the first Jamaican bank to have deposits in excess of $1.0 billion with assets then exceeding $1.3 billion.

NCB became part of the Portland group of companies following the acquisition of a majority interest in March 2002.