CVM Television Limited

The CVM Television consists of two television stations, CVM Television Limited (CVM TV) and its cable affiliate CVM Plus; and owns CVM Productions Ltd.

CVM Television Limited (CVM TV) was incorporated in Jamaica on July 31, 1990 and was granted a license to operate in March 1991. CVM TV began providing commercial television services in March 1993. CVM TV enjoys 49% share of the market, broadcasting a full 24 hours of planned programming each day. The channel broadcasts a mix of news, sports and current affairs along with soaps, local programming and drama features. The company is also the recipient of several national and international awards for its comprehensive and investigative coverage of news, sports, current affairs and entertainment.

CVM TV offers a variety of attractive and competitive services to its advertisers and viewers and strives to improve productivity, efficiency and effectiveness of services to the public. Today, CVM TV has a board of 8 directors, a company secretary, five departments with a staff of 142. CVM TV provides island-wide coverage with transmitters in all 14 parishes. Fully-computerized in all departments, CVM TV introduced closed-captioning for the hearing impaired, and has been on the Internet since December 1995, offering updated news on a nightly basis to an international audience.